The Tour Capsule

There's a notable difference between good and great golf. A seemingly trivial difference when said aloud but a huge gap in reality. Those who break the barriers of ordinary golf and play amongst the extraordinary are a rare breed of dedicated, progress-obsessed athletes. Every minute detail of their routine is intentional, and golf becomes more than a passion but a source of self-improvement and internal challenge. The tour mindset is different from the rest.

The Tour Capsule is designed for that rare breed. It's meant to be worn for hours on the training grounds until the sun sets. It's for the morning chill and the mid-day heat. It's for the golf course vagabond who perpetually seeks a new challenge.

We looked to Macade ambassador Alex Norén for a glimpse into the mindset of a tour veteran.

Affectionately known as 'the hardest worker in golf', Norén has been known to train until his hands bleed. To him, any minute of free time is an opportunity to perfect his craft.

The life of a pro golfer abounds with elimination, denial, and close misses. More than in any other sport, golf athletes are continually faced with all-or-nothing stakes week after week. It's imperative to have a strong mental foundation to thrive in such a competitive environment. Alex demonstrates that the mental strength of an athlete is just as valuable as their game.

Slate Blue TR Tour Shirt Macade Golf

The limited collection introduces a set of seven new pieces designed for professional play: tops and layers that merge performance and style, with shorts to pair. Designed to transition from early morning training grounds to a full 18 holes in the sun. With the TR Tour Shorts as a foundation, choose any top based on your style and layer it to complete the kit.

Pebble TR Tour Mock Neck Tee Macade Golf

The Capsule items are engineered with sportswear capabilities designed for performance. From the biggest drive to the smallest putt, generous stretch and breathability keep the athlete comfortable and focused for any competitive shot.

While the journey for excellence is driven by grit and dedication, it must be rooted in a place of love for the sport. Norén's passion for the game is everlasting. Having started from a young age, it was clear that golf was to be his chosen path.

Light Grey TR Tour Shirt Macade Golf

Making your mark

The greatest athletes have risen above the rest through risk and imagination. Each item's Macade branding features a bold mark unique to the capsule, symbolizing an athlete's will to be different. It's a reminder to deviate from the norm and to stay creative.

A promise to oneself to stand out from the rest.

Inevitably, every athlete faces obstacles and plateaus along the way. Those challenges are temporary. Norén knows the goal is to keep going. There's always a new day.